Monday, March 31, 2014

Owl Tote

First post for this blog since I created it months ago. What can I say...I am slow with some things. Good things come to those who wait.....oh, would be you, waiting on me.  :0\

So....what I have today is a tote for a friend's husband that will give it to her for Mothers Day.

I had shared a pic on FB and he saw it. The pattern came from - The Hat & I's etsy shop. The pictures are deceiving. It is larger than what you think. It took finishing the first motif to figure that out. Oh well, it is a tote for heaven's sake! So here are a few of the finished motifs. I have all of the parts crocheted, now I just have to put them together and then it will be time for the lining.

Enjoy! I will be back later with more on this project.